PQ Radio Show

Wednesdays: 9:00pm


From Philadelphia, PA, Angie Kearns is your Prosperity Queen and author of “Kill the Noise Keep the Man”. She’s a real estate broker and mother of two. Angie shifts consciousness through conversation – incapable of carrying her heart because it’s so big, full, giving and selfless. She’s insightful – a visionary prophetess – capable of seeing around corners without effort. Powerful, light hearted, able to see within the soul of people she hasn’t met yet. Angie’s caring for others is far reaching beyond her lifetime and her impact is legacy building. She is every woman and a blessing to mankind. Angie understands who she is, and that is enough.


PQ Radio Show is a place of goodness! The show is listener friendly, inviting, impactful, therapeutic and transcending. Featuring cutting edge conversation about entertainment, business, lifestyle and more! Along with sizzling guest interviews and your calls!