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Vibrant Living

Vibrant living is a show that will Empower and Edutain you on how to live an Amplified Live. It will help you Turn Up the Dial on your Health, Relationships and Personal Growth and Productivity  

Conn Jackson's News & Perspectives

Conn Jackson’s NEWS & PERSPECTIVES was born as the only AUTHENTIC choice in the market place. What differentiates us is that We care about YOU not ratings! he has blended his Disney experience of storytelling with his Harvard intellect. Overcoming adversity was a necessity for Jackson from a young age. Abandoned by his father at…

" Food 4 Your Soul "

Mon-Fri 6a-6:15a, Tues, Wed, Thu, Sat 2p-3p Host: India Hines, “The Voice” Website: Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and residing in Georgia since 1995, India Hines has been involved in the fashion and entertainment industry for more than twenty-six years and has hosted her radio show “Food 4 Your Soul” for over 7…