You don’t want to walk a dog every day. You aren’t in love with the idea of a cat prancing across your countertops. 

You want a pet who is: 

  • Intelligent 
  • Lower maintenance 
  • Pretty to look at 

Enter: BIRDS! The pet that will fly right into your heart. 

Why do birds make amazing pets? 

There are various types and sizes of birds, making it easier to find one that is a fit for you. Birds are intelligent animals. If you are interested in training a pet but don’t have the time or space for a dog, birds are another great option. Speaking of space, they don’t need a lot! They are pets who can thrive in a smaller living space, such as an apartment. They are inexpensive to feed. They do not require a large medical budget (usually, pending any major emergencies). 

If you’re reading this article and starting to think that a bird may be a solid pet option for you and your lifestyle, then you are likely a beginner to the world of birds. As mentioned, there are many different types and sizes of birds. Some are better suited for beginners.

Let’s take a closer look at some beginner-friendly bird types: 


Do you pride yourself on a peaceful home environment? If you prefer a quieter pet or have neighbors close by, finches are a great choice. On the noisy scale, they rank very low and just have an overall “chill” vibe about them. While quiet, they are still lively and sure to provide some entertainment. They have a reputation for being quite beautiful and come in various colors. 


If you are the type of person who loves listening to the birds sing outside, canaries are right up your alley! The canaries are well known for their beautiful singing voices. They are low-maintenance birds, meaning they do not require much interaction from you. They are still thrilled to serenade you with their song from within their living space! They’re a popular choice because of their contagious happy nature. If you’d like good vibes and good tunes around, consider getting a canary! 


A cockatiel is a type of parrot that comes in various colors. You may be picturing a bird with yellow feathers on its head, which is one of the common versions of a cockatiel. They score lower on the sound meter for birds, as they are generally pretty quiet (but do give out a whistle here and there). They enjoy being held and interacted with, and they are very loyal to their owners. 


Parakeets are also part of the parrot family, but they are smaller in size. They’re another bird who enjoys affection and can form quite the fondness of their owner. They are not noisy, and other than wanting some of your attention, they are overall low maintenance. If you’re looking for a bird to bond with, a parakeet may be the one.  

Keep in mind, there are MANY types of birds, so this is a short list. If you are looking for a bird that is beginner-friendly, these birds are a good place to start your research. Each bird has their own personality. It’s important to understand the commitment you’re making before choosing.