Caring for a pet can teach children many very valuable lessons, such as:  

  • Responsibility (especially for another living being) 
  • What a commitment is  
  • Compassion for animals 

When the kids start asking to get a pet, often parents immediately jump to the conclusion to add a dog or cat to the family, but you do have other options!  

Let’s talk about reptiles. Perhaps you never really pictured yourself as a reptile parent, but if you are hesitant about other pet options, you may want to hear more about why reptiles could be a great fit for your family.  

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Let’s check out some of their major perks:  

They don’t take up a lot of space. 

Many reptiles are small in size, and none of them require a big, fenced n backyard. They can be confined to a small, properly maintained habitat or tank, and it can be in pretty much any room of the house you choose! No need to worry about how you will keep them off the furniture or out of areas of the house that are off-limits.

Less funky smells!  

No stinky litter boxes, no gerbil smelling wood chips… Reptiles are pretty clean pets, and while you absolutely need to do extensive research on how to maintain and clean their specific habitats (it looks different for different reptiles), we can promise that the smelly factor will be at a minimum in comparison to other pets. 

No exercise is required.  

You don’t need to take your lizard for a walk. Your turtle has no interest in hiking with you. You won’t need to worry about hanging at the dog park in frigid or excessively hot temperatures so your snake can get all of its energy out. Your reptile can still enjoy your company without requiring a large chunk of your time and energy to help them burn their sillies. 

Woman and Snake

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No dander that riles up your allergies. 

Are your allergies easily bothered? Worried about which breeds of dogs will set you off? While some reptiles shed skin, they don’t shed dander like other pets, and you’ll certainly need to worry less about your allergies acting up. Plus, no dog or cat hair all over your furniture!  

They are family members for the long haul.  

One really tough thing to think about when adding a family pet is… losing them. It can be devastating to explain to children, and while every pet will reach that point eventually, many reptiles tend to have longer lifespans, so the kids may be a bit older and be able to better understand what is happening. Different types of reptiles have varying lifespans, but some can live up to 20 years or more! If you want a longer-term family member, a reptile may be for you.  

Can you picture it yet? Being the proud pet parent of a turtle? Lizard? Snake? At the very least, we are willing to be you are considering a reptile more than before. They are great additions to any family, and one we hope you’ll consider!