If you clicked to read this article then we already know two things about you: 

You love your pet, and you include them in fun festivities whenever you can.  

Welcome to the club! If there is not already a club in existence, we are starting one right now, because including our pets in fun things should be celebrated with other like-minded individuals.  

Halloween is approaching, and there is just no reason to not consider including your pets in such a fun holiday.  

How can they jump in on the spooky fun? Let’s take a look at a few different ways:  

  • Pumpkin carving. No, we are not suggesting you hand your pets any sharp objects and ask them to carve a pretty picture into a pumpkin (that would be tough to do without thumbs, anyway). You can incorporate your love for your pet in this activity though! Use your pet as your muse to create your pumpkin art, and then snap a photo of your pet and pumpkin side by side. Did you know that eating pumpkin is actually good for your pet? It’s great for their digestive system, and aids in other areas as well. Ask your veterinarian before serving the innards of your pumpkin to your pet. If you have the go-ahead, they will love the seasonally appropriate treat! 
  • Take them to the patch! Before you carve the pumpkin, you have to retrieve the pumpkin. Did you know that some farms are pet-friendly? Search for some in your area, and see if you can make a day out of picking pumpkins, apples, and other fall treats!  
  • Scary movie marathon. This is an easy one! Choose your favorite scary movies, and plan a night to marathon through them. One of your pet’s favorite pastimes is snuggling on the couch anyway, right? They’ll love the extra squeezes through the scariest parts! 
  • Who wore it best? A Halloween costume, that is! Dressing up our pets is arguably one of the best parts of Halloween. You can do themed costumes if you have multiple pets, or choose to coordinate your own costume! Search in your area for local pet costume contests you can attend, and make your dress-up efforts prize-worthy! Just remember– your pet’s costume can be a hazard if not worn properly. Make sure it’s not too tight, not too loose, and has nothing your pet will try to ingest on it. Costumes for pets should only be worn under their owner’s supervision. Also, be warned that pets in costumes are doubly as cute and may attract some fans out in public! 
  • Trick or treating. Whether you decide to dress your pet up or not, trick or treating can be a whole family affair! For the pet who would enjoy a long walk with lots of people around, this is a perfect opportunity. Just be sure your pet will be comfortable in the presence of unpredictable costumes and a lot of action. No candy is allowed for them, but perhaps you can bring a few of their favorite treats along! 

Have a happy and safe Halloween with your pets!