Who has the most model-worthy dog on the planet and wants to showcase it? We’re guessing you raised your hand!

While you might just be biased, we’re confident your dog deserves to have their shining personality and ridiculously good looks caught on film. But of course, you want to avoid blurry pictures and photos of their heads turned away because a distraction caught their eye. We’re talking pooch perfect headshots that warrant new photo frames to adorn your walls for all guests to see. If you are not confident in your photo-taking skills, we have a few secrets that might help!

Prep Your Backdrop

You have to set the scene in order to get the perfect picture, right? Right. If you are trying to snap a perfect photo of your pooch while also tending to the background, you have too much on your plate. Set up your scene first. Remove anything you don’t want showing in the background. Make it perfect, and then focus all of your attention on getting your dog to smile (just kidding, even looking in your direction will do). 

Know The Right Time

You probably have a solid idea of when your dog’s “downtime” occurs throughout the day. It is best not to attempt an expert-level photoshoot while your dog is bouncing off the walls. Try aiming for a time when your dog is normally “chill” or consider a round of fetch or a walk beforehand to tucker your dog out! 

It’s All About The Yummy Stuff

What is your dog’s guilty food pleasure? Which treat offering will have them sitting pretty and drooling for more? What can you trade them that is just so undeniable that they won’t budge until the perfect picture has been taken and they can redeem that reward? That is the treat you should have in your hand while attempting to take the perfect picture of your dog! 

May The Squeaker Be With You

How do people get that perfect head tilt shot though? For some dogs, it may just be a squeaker toy at work! Arm yourself with your dog’s favorite toy, and give it a squeak to watch the head tilting cuteness occur. Be aware- for some dogs, this may be too much excitement. Be ready to snap that photo QUICKLY! 

Know When To Break

Yes, your dog is model material, but don’t overwork them! Even the cutest doggy models deserve a break to take a run around the yard, have a play session with the toy you have been squeaking at them, or eat a few treats cuddled up with their favorite person. If you give them breaks, you are more likely to be able to get their attention for another quick photoshoot soon!

Be ready to click that button to capture your photos quickly and frequently! You can always go back and choose your favorites at the end of your shoot. Having a friend there to help you wrangle your pup may be a great idea too! 

Just remember– you can never have too many photos of your adorable dog. Enjoy!