5 Ways To Spoil Your Pet This Valentine’s Day 

Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on your pet?  

Cupid’s arrow struck you HARD. The love between owner and pet is unconditional, and it’s why we are big fans of including your pets in your Valentine’s Day festivities.  

Need some ideas for how you can spoil your furry best friend on the biggest love day of the year? We have a few here for you:  

Bake Pet-Friendly Treats 

Some of the very best sweets are whipped up in celebration of Valentine’s Day, so why not whip up some treats too? Treats for your pets, that is. Think outside the box of their regularly scheduled meals and bake something different using pet-friendly ingredients. Try these peanut butter treats for your dog or these fresh food options for your kitty. Add some Valentine’s Day flare with a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and let your pet be your taste tester to get them involved in the baking. They’ll be grateful for the gesture and will surely enjoy the quality time spent together in the kitchen!  

Have a Picnic 

Take your dog outside for a picnic adventure (weather permitting, of course)!! Go for a walk to your favorite park, and back a goody bag with some snacks and treats (human and canine). Take in some fresh air, quality time, and good company. If it’s too cold outside, or your furry best friend is a feline, plan a special picnic at home instead! Add some Valentine’s Day décor and prepare everyone’s favorite meal for the occasion.  

Movie Night  

What could be better than a well-planned night of cuddling and rom-coms? Grab yourself your favorite bottle of wine and some popcorn. Grab your pet their favorite treats and the softest blanket in the house. Begin your movie marathon and cuddle the night away. A night like this is the ultimate stress reliever and the coziest way to celebrate your friendship with your pet.  

Box of Love  

What kind of gifts do you like receiving for Valentine’s Day? A box of chocolates? Flowers? Your favorite bubble bath? Now imagine what your pet would enjoy most and compile those items into the Valentine’s Day box of their dreams. Include their favorite treats, some new treats to try, a few new toys, and a new bed! If you want to keep the love coming month after month, consider a subscription service like BoxDog And BoxCat  . 

Honor Them  

Honor the love you have for your pet by donating toward other pets finding that very same love. So many rescue organizations are making great strides to place dogs and cats in loving homes so that they can experience the exact type of love you’re giving on Valentine’s Day. What better way to express your love for your pet than to donate in their honor? Plus, you can do this in addition to the other activities on this list and make it the best Valentine’s celebration ever! 

We have an unspeakable bond with our pets that categorizes them as some of the greatest loves of our lives. We invite you to celebrate that this Valentine’s Day!  

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