‘Tis the holiday season. AKA a BUSY season. 

The whole world is hustling and bustling to wrap the year up into a pretty box with a perfect bow. Work, school, events, shopping, cooking… There are a LOT of fun things happening at this time of year, but we could never forget to include…  


Hey, they love some holiday fun too! Whether you’re prepping plans for the holiday season, or you get a head start and are in FULL swing, we have some ideas for how to include your pets in the festivities. 

1. Take holiday-themed photos.  

Break out the holiday backdrops or use your festively decorated house to capture some cute photos of your pet! Not into the idea of taking the photos yourself? Find somewhere local that might be offering fun holiday pet pictures and take your pet on a field trip. No matter who snaps the picture, you’ll hold on to those memories with your pet forever (and might have some great Holiday card material for your friends and family). 

2. Make ornaments together! 

If you have a tree to decorate, of course, you want your pet represented in ornament form, right? Get crafty with it. There are lots of pet-safe paint options, so dip your pet’s paws and press the perfect paw print onto an ornament! Make it a family affair and have the kids make their own with their handprint, footprint, or fingerprint. These ornaments are a sentimental reminder of quality time spent together when you pull them out of storage each year. 

3. Check out some lights! 

This time of year brings out some impressive light displays. Some may be in your very own neighborhood, while others may be a short drive away. Either way, your pet can tag along to hunt for the best of the best light decorations. Take a family stroll once the sun goes down, or find a drive-through display and bring your pet along. The memories will be priceless, and you might get some decorating ideas for your own house! 

4. Make some pet-friendly treats.

While you’re searching for the perfect holiday recipes to try out, don’t forget the search for pet-friendly ones! Your pets will love a seasonal goody as much as you do, so finding something they can eat will make the celebrations that much sweeter.  

5. Make a donation in your pet’s name.  

There are lots of pets who won’t get a chance to celebrate the holidays in a home, and while we can’t save them all, we can help the organizations that are taking great care of them! This is a simple gesture in the name of your very much loved pet that will go a long way. Research organizations with missions that you truly believe in and see how you can help them! It’s what this season is truly all about.

6. Snuggle and holiday movie time. 

What are your favorite holiday movies? Do you have a tradition to watch them each year with the whole family gathered around? Make sure you save a seat on the couch for your pet and give them the simple pleasure of some belly scratches while you and the family indulge in your movie tradition.  

No matter how you choose to celebrate with your pets, memories are bound to collect. Enjoy, and happy holidays!