WAEC Love 860: An Atlanta Original

WAEC is Atlanta’s Inspirational Talk Radio. We are the longest running religious talk radio station in the Atlanta Area. Our programming features a wide variety of local and national ministries from some of the most prominent broadcasters in the industry including: J. Vernon McGee, Albert Pendarvis, Ken Hagin and many well known local pastors. We also feature a wide variety of health, lifestyle, and entertainment programs.

WAEC (860 AM) is a local Atlanta area radio station (licensed to the city of Atlanta, Georgia). The station originally was a 1000 watt day timer. In the mid-80s, it expanded to 5,000 watts, then was given a 24 hour signal. It now broadcasts at a frequency of 860 kHz with 5,000 watts of power during the daytime and 500 watts during nighttime hours. During critical hours around sunrise and sunset the power is 2,500 watts. The radio station uses a non-directional antenna during the daytime, and critical hours, and a directional antenna system during nighttime to transmit its signal from its broadcast towers located near the Flat Shoales Road exit of Interstate 20 in Atlanta. WAEC is classified as a Class-B AM broadcast station according to the Federal Communications Commission. The radio station is owned by Beasley Broadcast Group. Its sister station in the same Atlanta area radio market is WWWE. Of historic note, the station has broadcast programs by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our History

WAEC first came on the air on December 3, 1978 as the first station to play contemporary Christian music in Atlanta. It originally was on the air as WERD, the first radio station owned and programmed by African Americans. The station was established in Atlanta in early October 1949. In 1969, it changed call letters to WXAP and switched briefly to country music in the late 1970s when new owner, Mike Sears, bought the station. That format soon changed to contemporary Christian with the WAEC call letters, standing for Atlanta’s Electric Church. Don Stone was hired as general manager a year later and built the station to be one of the most successful Christian stations in the country, changing the slogan to Love 86. He created several publications for the station including the Atlanta Christian Business Directory and the Love 86 Express newspaper. Stone stayed there until leaving in 1994 to continue his publishing of the Atlanta Christian Business Directory. The Love 86 Express was changed to Atlanta Christian Magazine. Sears sold the station to Forus Communications out of Tampa in 1982, keeping it for 20 years until Beasley Broadcasting took over.

LOVE 860 is recognized as a pioneer in Atlanta talk radio. Our philosophy is to provide Atlanta with the best in daily broadcasts, 24 hours a day. We broadcast entertaining and informative programming while serving the community with important information such as local news, weather, road reports and local events. Since inception, we have been a daily source for ministry supporters, community leaders and the public. WAEC is a Beasley Broadcast (BBGI) company, a member of National Association of Broadcasters and the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.