By Fabrizio Misson//Shutterstock

Did you know that December is National Cat Lovers Month?   

Yes, our feline buddies deserve an entire month for us to dote on just how wonderful they are. Don’t you agree? 

If you’re a cat owner, you know what we mean. If you’re not, you’ll want to be after we’re done celebrating what unique companions they can make and how they enrich our lives. 

DISCLAIMER: While every cat is equally as cute, not every cat has the same personality as the next (which is a good thing!). If you find that your cat is the exception to any of these, don’t worry… we love them anyway, and they still deserve a month-long celebration.  

Cats self groom. 


Self grooming saves time, money and mess.

Ah, the beauty of a pet who just offers up companionship without needing us to constantly brush them, bathe them, or clean up after them when they roll in a mud pile. While some longer hair cats may need a brush or groom intervention once in a while, overall cats are a much cleanlier pet than others and prefer to do the cleaning themselves. Just bask in the free time you’ll have from NOT grooming your cat and appreciate this trait for what it is!  

Cats are quiet.  

You’ve never heard a cat bark, right? Even the most vocal cats can’t usually touch how deep and piercing a constant dog barking can be. Pitter pattering of feet? Sure, you might hear that. Meowing when something is wrong (like the food bowl is empty)? Yes, some of that too. Overall though, cats are quiet pets and are much less likely to disturb a night of relaxation at home.  

*This is an extra bonus for apartment dwellers!   

Cat purrs are undeniably adorable. 

Cats are more independent pets, so cat owners especially love when their cat admits their love for them by snuggling up for pets and purring away. Seriously, have you ever had a cat lay on your lap and give a little smiley smirk while you scratch their chin? You can feel and hear the purrs, and it’s a little slice of soothing heaven. It’s like cat love therapy, and if you have never experienced it, you are missing out.  

Cats are independent in the best way possible.  

We’re talking you can reap all the benefits of pet ownership without the needy and time-consuming tasks. Does your cat need a two-mile walk every day? Nope. Do they need regular bathroom breaks outside? No! Do they use a  magical box to do all their business? You bet! Can they be left alone for longer periods of time because of their independent nature? Yes! Sure, you’ll love it when your cat admits their undying love for you via cutesy purrs, but you’ll also love that they are self-sufficient when it counts.  

Cats are smart and sassy lovable creatures who bring their owners lots of joy, some affection (as they allow it), and the freedom to do more without worrying about a needy pet at home (sorry, dogs. You’ll have your moment). Cheers to our feline friends this month and forevermore!