Does your dog need a coat? Or are they just really into fashion? 

Either way, we can help you. 

To answer the “does my dog need a coat” question:  

It depends! Do you live in a cold climate? How much fur or hair does your dog have? Are there any medical issues at play that may contribute to your dog having trouble regulating its body temperature? Is your dog tiny? Large? 

These are all questions you can ask yourself if you are assessing your dog’s need to wear a coat outside. Some breeds are better equipped for cold weather (like huskies, for one example). Short-haired chihuahuas living in bitterly cold temperatures might need a bit of help in the keeping warm department! 

Is it just fashion? 

That’s okay too! Feel free to let them strut their stuff or start a fashion blog just for the heck of it. Always supervise your fashionista while they are wearing clothes for safety purposes. 

How do I measure my dog?! 

Measuring your dog for clothes is different than measuring yourself (for obvious reasons). Let’s review the four places to measure before purchasing your dog any clothing:  

  • From the shoulder blades to the base of their tail. 
  • Around the largest part of their chest. 
  • Around the skinniest part of their waist (no judgment if the waist is tough to find. We all gained a little during Covid quarantine!). 
  • Around the neck. 

These four measurements are most needed when ordering a dog coat online and should ensure a nice, snug fit! Be sure to check the measurements for each different retailer. Some offer more size options than others. For example, some stick to small, medium, and large, so be mindful of the size ranges for each. A coat that is too small will be… well, too small! You don’t want anything too tight that could dig in or be uncomfortable for your dog. On the flip side, a coat that is too big presents hazards such as your dog slipping a body part out and getting the coat wrapped around the neck in a dangerous way. Sizing matters, so measure! 

Does the design work for your dog? 

This is something pet owners tend to overlook when choosing a coat. There are all different types of designs, and some may serve your needs better. For example, do you have a very energetic dog who is NOT going to sit still while you attempt to put this coat on them? You don’t want to buy anything too complicated, and it’s safe to assume your dog may still need to be able to run, run, run in this coat. You might want to look for an easy design that sits right on the back and does not restrict the legs. Easy to put on, easy to run around in, and what your dog needs! Assess your own dog’s needs in a coat, and browse different designs to figure out your most realistic options.  

Can you wash it? 

You would think all dog coats are machine washable, but you would be surprised! Especially if your dog is prone to messiness, make sure you have an easy enough way to clean the coat you choose! 

If all else fails… 

Return it. Coats can be tricky to buy for our canine loved ones, so checking return policies before buying is important. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect coat, and when you do find it, we hope it comes in lots of colors! 

Some of our favorites: 

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