Whether you have been back in the office for some time now, or are in the process of transitioning back to a lifestyle that requires you to work outside of the home, don’t forget that your dog needs to be kept busy too!  

There are some days when we arrive home from work and just don’t have the energy for that long walk with our dog that we had originally planned when we woke up that morning. Sometimes it takes just about all the effort we can muster just to throw a tennis ball from the couch!  

What if you could burn some of your dog’s energy while you’re at work so that you come home to a more tired, satisfied pup?

Here are five ideas for tuckering out your pooch before you even walk in the door post-work day:  

  1. Hire a dog walker to break up the day. Without stimulation, your dog might get used to snoozing the entire time you are out during the day. Disrupt their extra-long nap with a visit and some exercise! Interview a few local dog-walking companies, and invest in one you feel comfortable with. Not only will your dog come to love and appreciate a visit from their walker, but it will take the pressure off of you to squeeze a long walk in before or after work!  
  2. Enroll them in doggie daycare. If you have an extra energetic pup who would appreciate playtime with other canine friends, daycare might be the best route for you to take! Many daycares match playgroups by size and energy level, so your dog is sure to find some best friends forever. The mental and physical stimulation that playgroups provide will surely be enough to wear out your dog until the next day at least!  
  3. Freeze some yummy treats! You can keep your dog busy with some delicious frozen edible presents given to them when you leave for the day. You can freeze some dog-friendly fruits, vegetables, or just some of their favorite dog treats or kibble in some ice cubes overnight! Leave them in a bowl the next day, and your dog will have a great time working at and then fishing out their yummy snacks. If you also hire a walker, leave some for the walker to give your pup before leaving, and minimize their daytime ZZZ’s! 
  4. Play hide and seek with treats. What if every time you left for work, your dog knew they had a game to play? Hide their favorite treats throughout the house and they will have a blast using their sniffer to locate them! It may take some coaxing the first few times you play, but once they catch on, it can become a regular part of their routine, and will exercise their brain while you’re away! 
  5. Use puzzle toys. If your dog isn’t catching on to finding ALL of the treats in the house, you can keep the treats right in front of them but still exercise their brain using puzzle toys! There are so many options for puzzle toys, including some they can slide or flip open, balls they can knock around, or snuffle mats (where they can dig through and find the prize). Find the right option for your dog, and burn that mental energy away.

A busy dog becomes a tired dog, which also means a happy dog. Enjoy!