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Fun, interactive toys aren’t just for dogs, folks. 

While it may seem like your cat’s attention would not be held by a silly, fuzzy toy, the reality is that playing with toys is actually healthy for every cat! Whether your cat has a lazy or hyperactive personality, they have a natural-born hunting mentality, which cat toys can help to spark and satisfy.

Maybe you have had trouble finding toys your cat likes. Maybe you never even thought to buy them because your cat would rather sit in a cardboard box.

Whatever your situation, we have a list of our top four cat toys you didn’t know you NEEDED to try. These toys are popular and proven to hold the ever-coveted attention of kitties across the globe. So let’s get to it!  

Disclaimer: You should always supervise your cat when they are playing with toys! If you are unsure about the safety of a particular toy, consult with your veterinarian.  

GoCat DaBird

This one is a classic, and still a goodie! While some cat owners stray away and try and find new things to peak their cat’s interest, they might find themselves coming back to this traditional design. The rod and feather make it a “chase and catch” game that your cat cannot resist. Take this out of hiding a few times a day, and your cat will certainly come running to play!  Check it out here!

Bergen Turboscratcher

Scratch their nails AND chase a ball at the same time?! It’s like Christmas every day with this toy in the house! The ball stays put under a protective lip, and your cat can bat it around in circles to stay occupied. The middle section works as a scratchpad (and furniture saver) and can be replaced once overused! Double the function, double the fun. Get it here!

PetStages Puzzle and Play

Got an inquisitive kitty at home? One who is always trying to crack codes to get into something they probably shouldn’t? One who can press the button on their self-feeder, or somehow open drawers? This might just be a life-changing toy to keep your cat’s brain well-exercised and keep them out of unwanted areas! Just grab some of your cat’s favorite treats, or some of their kibble, and hide it in the compartments. They’ll have to use their cat detective skills to figure out how to open each one and reward themselves with the desired treat! It’s a great way to take a simple everyday task (like feeding your cat) and turn it into an interactive and fun game! Get yours here. 

Pet Magasin Cat Tunnels 

Does it crinkle? Can you hide in it? Can you swat at it? Then it just might be the perfect cat toy. There are lots of options for cat tunnels out there, but this option comes with TWO and offers a hanging ball for your cat to chase and play tag with while they hide out and enjoy the crinkling noises below their feet. I mean, really… does it get much better than that (assuming you are a cat)? Check out the tunnels here!

The nice thing about this exclusive list is that each toy is different, so you can really explore which type of cat toy tickles your kitty’s fancy. You are bound to find a winner in the bunch!


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