Snakes are such interesting animals. You might think they are a daring pet choice, and that intrigues you. Even though choosing a snake as your pet might seem bold, you have to consider all of their needs and whether or not you can meet them.  

The first thing you should know about pet snakes is that you should not be catching them in the wild! Any snake kept as a pet should be captive-bred. Wild snakes do not have the tolerance for being kept as house pets. You can cause them a lot of stress, and they will not thrive. Make sure you are getting a pet snake from a reputable place or breeder if you decide they’re a good fit for you.  

Now that you understand you shouldn’t catch a new pet while out on your next hike, let’s talk about some other things you should consider about pet snakes:  

  1. Not every breed is created equal.  

Just like there are different dog breeds to choose from, there are various breeds of snakes. Each breed has varying preferences and environmental needs. Choosing a breed you feel comfortable caring for requires research, and we recommend finding a veterinarian who serves reptiles that you can consult with any questions before committing to a breed.  

  1. Snakes are carnivores.  

If you can’t handle watching a snake eat (usually) live meat, they are not the pet for you. Many snakes eat mice. If you are a vegetarian or vegan yourself, it would be tough for you to stomach feeding your snake.  

  1. Snakes are pretty chill pets.  

This might be considered a huge pro for some! Snakes, especially properly bred snakes, are docile pets. Depending on the individual snake, they may tolerate handling if you want to show friends or are looking for a buddy to hang out with. Otherwise, they are pleased to be in their tanks without complaint!  

  1. Snakes need heat, light, and a comfy house. 

The size of a snake’s tank will be dependent on breed and size, but as long as they have a tank to eat and sleep in, they will be satisfied. They shed their skin, so room to do so is appreciated. Most snakes need anywhere from 8-12 hours of UV light and heat, so a timer for their lamp is a good idea. As long as you don’t mind adding to your electric bill each month, a snake’s environment is fairly low maintenance!  

  1. Snakes are great apartment dwellers.  

Snakes don’t require any exercise, so no worries if you don’t have a big yard for them to slither in. They are also quiet, so you won’t get any complaints from your neighbors. They are low maintenance and make great pets for someone with a busier lifestyle that cannot accommodate a needy pet.  

So yes, snakes are cool pets to have. They are a statement pet, but, they are pets… so they have needs that should be responsibly considered. Does a snake suit your lifestyle?