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Conn Jackson’s NEWS & PERSPECTIVES was born as the only AUTHENTIC choice in the market place. What differentiates us is that We care about YOU not ratings! he has blended his Disney experience of storytelling with his Harvard intellect.

Overcoming adversity was a necessity for Jackson from a young age. Abandoned by his father at age 4, told at age 12 his learning disabilities were so severe that he would never graduate High School, Jackson persevered. He has distinguished degrees from Harvard, Cornell and attended the Kennedy School of Government.

After Cornell, Conn worked seven magical years with Disney including time at Disney University, Walt Disney Business Development, and Disney’s Creative Services. Upon graduating from Harvard Business School, Jackson accepted a position on Wall Street with an Investment Banking firm consulting some of the largest mutual fund managers in the world. Disillusioned by exposure to many questionable practices on Wall Street, Jackson resigned with a letter addressing the issues. After 9/11 and a broken engagement he began to see are real need to inspire and teach others share a focused positive vision for the world through his radio show “Connect Daily” with Conn Jackson”, syndicated TV show “Get Connected” and “LIVE” Get Connected Events.