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The countdown to vacation is exciting! You are ready for a well-deserved break to spend time with family and adventure, and less stress is BEST.

What is one thing on your mind that you are NOT looking forward to?

Leaving your pets!

Pets are our family, and it can be difficult to be away from them. We truly miss them, and we worry about their wellbeing when we are not the ones directly caring for them.

While this feels like a BIG hurdle, remember that it is not! It’s a manageable one, and you CAN find someone you trust and that your pets will love.

If you have a vacation coming up and are wondering who can care for your pets that will bring you peace of mind while you are trying to relax, here are a few ideas you can explore:

At-home care. Finding a pet sitter to come to your home is possible, but you should start looking early! Establishing a relationship with someone you grow to trust can certainly take some added weight off of your mind. This is especially a great option for cats! Some pets do best when their routine and environment is not disrupted. You can use pet sitting apps (like Rover, or Wag!) to find pet sitters in your area or ask for suggestions in a local community group. Your new pet sitter can be your pets’ next best favorite person!

Sitter who brings pets into their home. It comes as no surprise that people who love to take care of other people’s pets would have their own pets at home! Luckily, some pet sitters offer the option of your pet coming to their home while you are away. This can work exceptionally well when your pets get along great (example: two young dogs who love to play and can tire each other out). You will want to give yourself enough time to meet this person, their pets, have your pets meet, and perhaps do a trial night to see how it goes!

Boarding facility. There are cozy, fun places you can send your pet for their OWN vacation! There are all kinds of boarding facilities out there these days, and many have customizable options for your pets. Make a checklist of what is important to you (example: playgroups, pet suites, lots of walks, etc) and browse options in your area. Many will set up a tour, consultation, or offer an “interview” to see if your pet is a great fit for them, and answer any questions you might have!

Rely on other family members. If you are not having any luck finding a pet sitter in your area that you trust, is there a family member who would enjoy spending time with your pets? Ask people in your family if they would want to spend a little mini-vacation at your house with your pets! Stock up the fridge, get the guest room ready and relax knowing that your pets are in good hands.

Bring them along! Who said you have to leave your pet behind to go on a vacation? NO ONE! Some people just prefer to travel with their pets, and that is a perfectly possible option. While it may limit your destination options, it really just depends on if you want your pet to fly with you, or how they would do on a long road trip! Be sure to only search for rentals that allow pets, and check to see if they have a maximum limit if you have multiple pets you want to bring!

Planning a vacation shouldn’t be stressful! Lining up care for your pet well in advance will bring you peace while you plan.